Tili Vuorenpää Oy

Accounting and financial management are the two most important areas in order to do successful business. Therefore it is essential to any company to have a reliable and expert professional taken care of things that customer himself is not familiar with. This also provides the opportunity for entrepreneur to focus on what he/she does best.

We will take care of your financial management as a whole or just your book-keeping if you so choose. The size of your company is not an issue: we will provide a tailor made service to companies of any size from a small sole trader to larger limited companies. Our objective is to give all our customers everything they need. No more, no less.


Tili Vuorenpää Ltd is an accounting firm located in Tampere. It was founded in 2012 as a result of a merger of two different sole trading companies. The objective of this merger was to be able to provide services and results to our customers even more effectively and to introduce them more all-inclusive financial solutions based on their individual needs.

The staff of our company has years of experience in various fields of financial, accounting and estate management. We put a special stock to the education and training of our employees and therefore maintain it constantly in order to be able to guarantee our customers that we are fully informed about anything and everything that is going on in the financial management sector in Finland.



  • Book-keeping
  • VAT-calculations
  • Wages calculation
  • Balancing of accounts
  • Tax announcements
  • Financial management:
  • Budget calculations
  • Budget monitoring
  • Cash flow calculations
  • Provision calculations
  • Investment calculations
  • Invoicing
  • imbursment
  • Money transactions management
  • Ledger management

Estate management:

  • Any task related to estate management


  • Foundation of a company
  • Changes of company form
  • Tax planning
  • Formal applications/communication with the authorities
  • Any problems/questions regarding financial management

Persons in charge:

Helena Vuorenpää

P. 0400-836 741

email: helena.vuorenpaa@tilivuorenpaa.fi

  • Bachelor of Economic sciences
  • KLT Degree in book-keeping and accounting (KLT-accountant)
  • Degree in estate management
  • Degree in technical estate management
  • Professional career in financial management since 1979
  • Entrepreneur in financial management since 1997

Harri Vuorenpää

P. 040-7257 128

email: harri.vuorenpaa@tilivuorenpaa.fi

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • In Entrepreneurship and Business Competence
  • Professional career in financial management since 2007
  • Entrepreneur in financial management since 2010
  • Expert member of the board in various different Limited companies

Get in touch:

If you have any questions we are more than happy to answer them. So please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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